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detail 1995 Accuracy of Video Imaging in orthognathic surgery
detail 1995 Accuracy of Video Imaging in Orthodontic Surgery
detail 2002 Changes in Frontal Soft Tissue Dimensions of the Lower Face by Age and Gender
detail 2005 Combined Orthodontics, Orthognathic, and Plastic surgery
detail 2004 Principles of cosmetic dentistry in orthodontics: Part 1. Shape and proportionality of anterior teeth
detail 2005 Principles of cosmetic dentistry in orthodontics: Part 2. Soft tissue laser technology and cosmetic gingival contouring
detail 2005 Principles of cosmetic dentistry in orthodontics: Part 3. Laser treatments for tooth eruption and soft tissue problems
detail 1993 Diagnosis and treatment planning of hypodivergent skeletal pattern with clockwise occlusal plane rotation
detail n/a Use of the 810 nm Diode Laser: Soft Tissue Management and Orthodontic Applications of Innovative Technology
detail n/a The Face as the Determinant of Treatment Choice
detail 2005 The Bonded RPE Appliance
detail n/a Hard Tissue Analysis - Any Substance in it Anymore?
detail 2009 Interview with an Insignia Doctor: David Sarver
detail 1991 Long-term soft tissue response to Lefort I maxillary superior repositioning
detail 2006 Long-term efficacy of Reverse Pull Headgear therapy
detail 1995 Nonsurgical Treatment of Open Bite in Nongrowing Patients
detail 2000 Orthodontics About Face: The Re-emergence of the Esthetic Paradigm
detail 2004 Surgical procedures to improve esthetics when orthognathic surgery is not an option
detail 2007 Pitch, roll, and yaw: Describing the spatial orientation of dentofacial traits
detail 2004 Plastic surgery combined with orthodontic and orthognathic procedures
detail 2002 Predictability of maxillary repositioning surgery
detail 2011 The Profession and Business of orthodontics
detail n/a Rapid Palatal Expansion - Another Perspective
detail 2008 Interview with American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
detail 1989 Skeletal changes with bonded vs. banded RPE
detail 2001 The importance of incisor positioning in the esthetic smile: The smile arc
detail 2003 Dynamic smile visualization and quantification: Part 1. Evolution of the concept and dynamic records for smile capture
detail 2003 Dynamic smile visualization and quantification: Part 2. Smile analysis and treatment strategies
detail 1994 Soft tissue changes with mandibular advancement
detail 2005 Soft-Tissue-Based Diagnosis Treatment Planning
detail 1999 How to Avoid Surgical Failures
detail 1999 The Emerging Soft Tissue Paradigm-Ack,Prof,Sarv
detail 2001 The Face as Determinant of Choice-Moyers Symposium
detail 2012 The Bonded RPE Appliance
detail 2012 Tips On Treatment of Small Lateral Incisors
detail 2008 Use of on-line services for customized documents
detail 1988 Video Imaging for Planning and Counseling in Orthognathic Surgery
detail 1996 Video cephalometic diagnosis (VCD): A new concept in treatment planning?
detail 1993 Videoimaging Pros and Cons
detail 1997 Video imaging in maxillomandibular surgery
detail 2000 Dr. Sarver's Patient Surgery Guide.
detail 1999 The role of Orthodontics in the surgical treatment of obstructive sleep apnea
detail 2001 Orthodontic Products:Creating a Legacy
detail 2002 Orthodontic Products:Digital Technology
detail 2000 PCSO Bulletin"Soft Tissue Maturation and Aging Implications in Adolescent and Adult Treatment Planning"
detail 1998 UAB Magazine Alumni Spotlight
detail 2000 UAB School of Dentistry:End Notes: A Conversation with David Sarver